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PDB 88

Construction Project
Railway Project Stuttgart 21- Plan management and plan audit for Main Station Stuttgart
  • Stuttgart
  • DB Netz AG
  • ingenhoven architects, Düsseldorf
Investment volume
  • approx. EUR 900.0 million
Construction period
  • 2012 to 2021
Contracted services BMG
  • Planning management
    • Organisation of the entire planning process
    • Generation of plan lists
    • Generation of flow charts and schedules for planning the execution plan
    • Ensuring the on schedule completion of coordinated final planning documents
    • Preparation and maintenance of the planning control system
    • Monitoring and documentation of planning process
    • Checking on-time corrections of final planning documents
    • Documentation of all approved changes to the planning processes
  • Planning process review
    • Reviewing the plausibility and compliance with relevant rules & regulations
    • Compliance with approved design documentation and subsequently agreed upon revisions
    • Compliance with the planning realisation decision
    • Compliance with the building contract
    • Checking the content of plans concerning all trades involved in the project
    • Compatibility with local conditions
    • Checking planning results and revisions for conformity with project objectives
    • Checking the planning of breakthroughs according to available technical equipment
    • Checking concrete installation parts according to location, quantity and suitability of installation parts
  • 55,800 m2 of which 23,659 m2 are north and south tunnel entrances
Gross area
  • 137,690 m2
Gross volume
  • 648,000 m3
  • Level +1: Stralsburger Platz, bay platform hall, small ticket hall in Bonatz building
  • Level 0: Main traffic level, connecting axis between current downtown and new part of the city
  • Level -1: Four new island platforms and Klett Passage Level -2: Existing main subway station (underground)
  • Platform hall (L/W/H = 430.00/80.00/9.00 to 12.00 m)
  • Estimated 300,000 travellers per day