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PDB 11

Construction Project
BMVBW - Federal Ministry of Transport, Building and Housing
  • Berlin-Mitte
  • Federal Republic of Germany, represented by the Federal Ministry of Regional Planning, Building and Urban Development
  • Prof. Eckhard Gerber Architekten, Dortmund
Investment volume
  • approx. DM 98.0 million
Construction period
  • June 1996 to August 2000
Contracted services for BMG
  • Section 15.6–9 HOAI–Property planning for the buildings and outdoor installations, allocation, property supervision and documentation
Lot area
  • 22,700 m2
Construction floor space
  • 5,833 m2
Gross floor space
  • 20,727 m2
Gross volume
  • 104.780 m3
  • Basement, ground floor, 1st to 2nd floors and attic storey, mezzanine
  • Office building for the Federal Ministry of Transport and Building
  • Listed old building, initial construction starting in 1875, multiple conversions and extensions
  • Masonry construction with natural stone façade
  • Part of the ceilings vaulted
  • Glass roof over representative atrium with outside staircase
  • Restored wooden windows in combination with steel windows
  • Installation of state-of-the-art communications and security technology
  • Reconstruction of staircases, walls and ceilings in conformity with monument care guidelines