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PDB 43

Construction Project
BMW Car Factory Leipzig, Car Body Construction
  • Industrial Park Leipzig-North
  • BMW AG
  • ARGE overall planning with the participation of IFB Dr. Braschel AG and WPW Ingenieure, Leipzig
Investment volume
  • approx. EUR 66.1 million
Construction period
  • December 2002 to February 2004
Contracted services for BMG
  • Section 15.8-9 HOAI-Property planning for buildings
  • Section 57 HOAI-Local construction supervision
  • Construction site logistics
Lot area
  • 2,000,000 m²
  • 65,000 m²
Gross floor space
  • 165,000 m²
Gross volume
  • 840,000 m³
  • Two-to Four-storey factory, in part with basement rooms and escape tunnel, installation of two conveyor levels made of steel and other production installations
  • Factory for construction of car bodies
  • Construction on concrete foundations, steel construction and steel with reinforced concrete composite construction, façade as insulated aluminium composite construction, roof with insulated trapezoidal sheet metal covering, installations in reinforced concrete
  • Factory with functionally oriented equipment in production, toilets, offices and ancillary systems, factory floor with magnesia coating