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PDB 89

Construction Project
Railway Project Stuttgart 21- Demolition of the former office and administration building of IHK
  • Stuttgart
  • DB Netz AG
  • Klenk-Architekten Stuttgart
Investment volume
  • approx. EUR 0.75 million
Construction time
  • 6 months
Contracted services BMG
  • Project management
  • Construction management
  • Request for proposal, award and invoicing
Construction work
  • Removal of contaminated zones
  • Gutting the interior
  • Dismantling lifts, window components and exterior façade
  • Demolition of existing construction and the northern retaining wall
  • Disposal of building rubble and contaminated materials
  • Refilling the demolition pit in compliance with ZTV-E-Stb
Construction method
  • Careful demolition process compliant with all requirements
Plot area
  • 1,500 m2
  • 990 m2
Gross area
  • 6,500 m2
Gross volume
  • 25,280 m3
  • 2nd to 1st Basement, ground floor, 1st to 7th upper floors
Special features
  • Historic wine-growing district "Mittlerer Kriegsberg" in the neighbourhood to the north
  • Protection of the neighbourhood from dust, vibrations, noise and damage
  • Increased requirements for the protection of the environment, the water and health
  • Preservation of transformer room in front of the building by separating cuts
  • Strip/continuous footing and spread/isolated footing with floor plate
  • Construction type: reinforced concrete skeleton frame structure
  • Ceiling made of reinforced ribbed concrete floor slabs and pumice concrete blocks
  • Bsmt. exterior walls made of concrete and upper floor made of red-brick and hollow blocks
  • Façade cladding in natural stone and clinker brick
  • Interior walls made of concrete, hollow concrete blocks and gypsum board walls
  • interior staircase made of reinforced concrete