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PDB 21

Construction Project
BMVg - Federal Ministry of Defence
  • Berlin-Tiergarten
  • Federal Republic of Germany, represented by the Federal Building Office Berlin I
  • Burckhard, Emch & Berger, Berlin
  • approx. DM 130.0 million
Construction period
  • December 1997 to July 2001
Contracted services for BMG
  • Section 15.6–8- HOAI–Allocation, property planning of buildings and outdoor installations, property supervision
  • Section 73.8 HOAI–Property planning of technical installation, property supervision
Lot area
  • 76,569 m2
  • 6,706 m2
Gross floor space
  • 37,275 m2
Gross volume
  • 167,954 m3
  • Base storey, 1st to 4th floors and attic storey as well as cellar story in Module E and two inner courtyards with glass roofs at the level of the 2nd storey
  • Office building of the Federal Ministry of Defence
  • Listed old building, built 1911 to 1914
  • New construction and extension by J. Ch. Bendler (1926 to 1938)
  • Masonry structure with steel-stone and in part vaulted ceilings, with later additions and conversions in steel framework construction
  • Reconstruction of the two-storey ballroom and conference room
  • Reconstruction of the three-storey main hall, designed as atrium, with stairways
  • Triaxial projection with triangular gable, lobby and vestibule and open staircase with bullet-proof driveway for state receptions
  • Installation of state-of-the-art communications, security and shielding technology
  • Reconstruction of the greater part of the wooden box double windows